Parent’s Views and Comments

Here are some of the views, comments and feedback from the Parents/Carers of the Children who currently attend the setting. This feedback was given after a parents/carers evening.

Views on Information they were provided with in regards to their child’s learning and development:

“Information is clear and shared openly. A clear caring attitude towards our child”

“Lot’s of information given, my child’s key person knew exactly where my child was in terms of her development”

“My child’s key person went into a variety of my child’s learning. There is always a wide amount of information”

“My child’s key person described in detail the different areas in how they are learning and developing, for example their recognition of letters in their name and taking part in number pattern games,”

“I am really happy with my child’s progress and they are coming along so well”

View’s on their child’s progression:

“Fantastically, she is developing so well in all areas and the main for me as a parent is that she is happy and she loves all the staff”

“Really pleased with the progress my child has made in a short amount of time”

“Very well, her confidence has come on leaps and bounds. Numeracy has improved along with writing skills”

“Very proud of her”

“Very well, socially as well as learning. Everyday she shows me something new that she has learned. Definitely comes home happy!”

“Absolutely, he just comes out with things that surprises us every week”

“Amazing, she is socialising and spending more time with friends. She comes home happy and tells us stories everyday”

“We can see a constant progression in her, both academically and with her character. Her confidence has grown massively since being at Pre-School”

“I love how he is growing in confidence. He is really coming on leaps and bounds. His speech is coming on too, thanks to the brilliant support he gets”

Views on the online learning journey:

“Yes, pleased with observations, really lovely to see these being shared but also felt quiet emotional seeing his homework book- very thoughtful!”

“We love looking at what she has been doing at Pre-School. helps us to know what she has been doing”

“Yes, great! Really good that we can see what they are doing at Pre-School”

“I feel it helps me to understand what she is doing at nursery, so I can extend at home visa versa, I also upload to the learning journey to give the nursery an insight to what they are doing”

“I love looking at the photos and videos. It shows me how much he loves being there and makes lovely friends as well as having lots of fun”

“Lovely to see what he gets up to”

“It a great tool!”

“I love to see how he interacts with the other children, He enjoys telling me who the children are and what they have been up to. It’s great to see what they are all doing”

“I love the learning book, I really enjoy the videos as it shows the realistic view of how and what he is doing while at nursery. The observations are detailed and informative”

Views on the weekly emails:

“Emails are really clear and appreciated – I really like seeing the homework element on a Friday as well as the shared focus of the week”

“I find them really useful. The emails are always detailed and it’s lovely to find out what she’s been up to”

“Love receiving the emails”

“The nursery are amazing in liaising with the parents, they give a lot of information of what is going on”

“It’s lovely to hear about what he has been doing and the home activities are great for ideas of different things to do at home”

“We both enjoy doing the activities sent over. She loves the outdoor activities and crafty things”

Views on what we can do to further their child’s development:

“We are super thankful for your support and care”

“All the ladies are doing a fantastic job, she is always happy and speak highly of every single on of you. She really loves her key person and has a very special bond with her”

“Everything you’re doing is amazing, she loves coming. Thankyou!”

“No, she loves coming to Pre-School and loves all the staff which is good. She speaks fondly of all the staff and tells me what she does at Pre-School all the time. Thankyou so much for all of your support”

“I am happy for her to learning phonics more”

“If we could have support with potty/toilet training”

“We are beyond happy with everything we have seen and experienced within Pre-School. We feel she has a wonderful bond with her key person and speaks about her all the time at home”

“I feel my child is receiving a lot of support with her development”

“Just keep doing what you are doing, he is becoming so confident and self assured all thanks to the love and support from you guys”